Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping. Made Easy!

To ensure you get exactly what you want, we make personal shopping a pleasure. Bits & Pieces offers a risk-free buying experience with our 24-hour trial option.

Take the item home, try it out and if you are not completely satisfied, bring it back.

For larger items such as sofas – take home a cushion to see if the colours will work.

Not sure if the dining table and chairs you are looking at would look right with the pieces you have? Take home a chair.

Want to add more dresser storage or a night stand – take home a drawer check the colours and style.

For an art piece – take it home, hang it up, and observe it in the different lights of the day and night. We want you to love your treasure.

Buying and Selling Pre-Owned Furniture

Buying and Selling Pre-Owned Furniture:

People often ask us about the difference between various types of retailers that sell pre-owned furniture, and what to expect from each. There are five broad categories in this field, and while they are explained separately, they sometimes overlap. Also, while we are focusing on furniture, many shops sell a variety of products.


Consignment stores sell furniture on behalf of the owner. In return for providing floor space, marketing, and administration, they retain a commission on the pieces they sell. They pay attention to condition and quality, and accept each item (or set of items) individually. You will often find brand names and high-end furniture here, at a fraction of the regular retail price.

When you buy at a consignment store, ask about their markdown policy. At Bits & Pieces, we reduce the prices of items at certain intervals (and indicate this on the price tags). In addition, we often have a select number of items that go on sale on Thursdays, so it’s worth signing up for our weekly update, and following our Facebook page to receive notification of our special offers, as well as new items in the store.

At Bits & Pieces, we pride ourselves that, like any good consignment store, we are open and transparent with our consignors  – they have accounts with us that allow them to track their items online, see what is still available and what has been sold, and how much money is in their account. We update accounts daily, and we have a contract with our consignors detailing how the process works.

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