Twelve Practical Uses for a Room Divider

Twelve Practical Uses for a Room Divider

From simple space dividing and traditional dressing screens to adding a splash of color or redirecting foot traffic; we’ve listed twelve typical uses for a room divider below.

Dividing a Space

In a large room, a loft or great room, or a commercial space, the long screens: 5, 6, & 8 panel room dividers, can make the space more practical, usable by more people. In a small room, a dorm or shared bedroom among siblings, a longer room divider can create a sense of personal space.

Adding Color

In a plainly decorated room, where painting is impractical, an inexpensive way to introduce a large palate of color, using a 6 or 7 foot tall, 5 or 6 panel wide black, mocha, or burgundy colored screen in a white room, or a cream or white screen in a bright yellow or dark walled room.

Hiding a Mess

Lightweight, portable folding screens can be moved to hide a messy desk, an unmade bed or a dining area that needs attention. This can be a real asset when friends or acquaintances stop by unannounced.

Creating Coziness

Sometimes, when the walls are long and unadorned, and in some cases, in need of paint. Putting a small folding screen against a wall and a small dinette table and chairs in front of it, can create a cozy living space.

Redirecting Foot Traffic

In home, business, and institutional settings, a room divider can redirect foot traffic toward or away from a particular area. Depending upon the weight of the screen, this can be done temporarily or, with a heavier screen, semi permanently.

Creating a Foyer

Sometimes a space is configured such that foot traffic comes through the door directly into living or work space, interrupting the focus and comfort of the occupants. Strategically placed panel screens can have a remarkable impact by creating a temporary or semi-permanent foyer or waiting area.

Portable Dressing Screen

Five foot tall screens allow a person to maintain eye contact while dressing and undressing in a shared living or work space, meaning conversation isn’t interrupted.

Moveable Window Shade

A large bay window, or any large window, may look best without an expensive or complicated window treatment installed. Having a folding screen, especially with a rice paper shade, allows light from the window to light the room, while providing privacy from passers by outside of the building.

Decorative Background

An art print image, hand painted image, or photographic image, can add color and interest. Simple rice paper or rattan style plant fiber screen can bring furniture and accessories off of the wall, creating a more interesting and textured interior.

Inexpensive Alternative Wall

Sometimes a large space simply needs a wall added to create more work or living space, yet the cost of building a wall is prohibitive. A five or six panel screen, especially in a six or seven foot tall design, can provide a very quick, and comparatively speaking, very inexpensive, new wall, creating new office or living space.

Desk Front Modesty Screen

3ft. and 4ft. tall room dividers can be useful for creating a work space where one would be more comfortable wearing a skirt to work. These unobtrusive room dividers can provide that needed privacy in front of work stations.

Special Purpose Room Dividers

Some screens are equipped with picture frames built into the panels, chalk board panels, and screens built from cork board for use as bulletin boards. They can provide the necessary resource for simple communication to customers, employees, or public safety personnel for enterprises or family dwellings.