Safety Concerns and Practices

Covid-19 Hours Monday – Saturday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Hi Marge & Rita here,

We have some good news to share with you!  As of Wednesday, May 20, 2020, we will be RE-OPENING – Cautiously!

Staying safe for you, our staff and ourselves, is still of utmost importance as we take small steps into this next phase of ‘being open’ for business. 

Our 1st small step is allowing you to view an item or items you want to purchase by appointment only.

When you find an item from our e-newsletters and/or website or seeing thru our storefront window, you can call us at 519-742-4033 and book an appointment to come in and we will show the item to you.

What this means is that for the first couple of weeks, we will be controlling the flow of people into the store – there will be no casual browsing.  If you are looking for something specific, ie dresser, sofa, table & chairs, bed, etc, call and we will let you know what we have available.  We will direct you to our photo gallery to view the items you are looking for.  Then if you wish to purchase and see the item to confirm the purchase, call and make an appointment to view and complete the sale.

We will be wearing our PPE (personal protective equipment) and ask that you wear a mask for our protection.  We have hand sanitizers for you to use when you come into the store and for you to use when you leave the store.

Thank you for your continued support as we cautiously move into Re-Opening.


Marge, Rita, Terri    (519) 742-4033


The world has changed, but what hasn’t changed is Bits & Pieces being here for you as a continued Essential Business Service during Covid-19.  Hopefully our ‘What’s New with Pictures’ gives you something to look forward to and a break in our current world news. 

We are so heartened with your positive response to our bi-weekly newsletters. Thank you.

Here is what Nancy had to say:  “I want to join the other customers you mentioned who were writing you to thank you for the bi-weekly updates. I agree – in this time of uncertainty it is so wonderful to get a “good news” email. Keep up the great messages!!”

“Thanks to everyone, we love putting these newsletters together for you!”              Marge, Rita, Terri

For the Buyer:

This may be the ‘New Norm’ and we appreciate any and all suggestions on the information you need for you to make buying decisions virtually.

On Furniture purchases, you can pay with a credit card over the phone or we can do a lay-a-way with a deposit.  Balance paid when picked up.  Furniture can be picked up from our ‘safe pick up area’ inside our shipping door or delivered by our professional movers. 

During Covid-19 virtual operations, we will give Refunds for a lay-a-way related to major defects not revealed to you.  Email us for more details.

It is the safest to have our professional movers deliver furniture items to your home. They sterilize their trucks before and after each move, and use floor coverings where needed.

If you are not under house quarantine because of travel, sick with Covid-19, or known exposure to Covid-19, and have 2 strong people IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD, we have a ‘safe pick up area’ inside our shipping door. Email for more details. NOTE: WE WILL NOT HELP YOU LOAD YOUR FURNITURE.

Again the safest delivery is with our movers.

Bits & Pieces and our Consignors Thank You for your continued support in these difficult times.

For the Consignor:

You can continue to e-mail us pictures of your furniture items with measurements.

For decor items, please e-mail what you are interested in consigning and we will advise as to which items we would like to see photos of.

All consigning deliveries are done by appointment.  For receiving items, it will be done in our safe area.  If you are a new consignor, we will e-mail you your contract ahead of time.  All existing consignors will get an e-receipt of items brought in.

E-mail ( or call us (519-742-4033) for more information.

Hope this video on Covid-19 and Groceries will be helpful.

Below is a video from Dr. Jeffrey VanWingen on food safety tips related to picking up groceries and how to disinfect/sanitize them.