What People Are Saying

Here is what some of our vendors have to say about our service:

“A couple of weeks ago I was desperate to move and donate 4 heavy pieces of teak furniture…I called all over but no one wanted it…I also called a few movers to just move it into the garage to get it out of sight so I could finally paint. I was so stressed out as I just wanted the furniture gone and the movers I called wanted over $300. I finally called Bits & Pieces to see if they wanted it for free, but a very nice lady called Darlene said to send photos in and they would sell it as they were not a thrift store. Told her how expensive it was to move it there and she recommended a mover that they deal with…called up their man Tom (Attuned Moving), a real friendly guy and 3 days later the teak was gone and on display in this wonderful store. I had to sign some paperwork and another sweet lady there named Terri showed me how to check my items on the computer…they literally walked me through the process as I am new at this.  Our teak pieces were beautifully displayed in perfect condition and they assured me it would get sold and I would get a cheque…wow! I was impressed with their enthusiasm and honesty and wished I had called them a long time ago.  As I walked through the store, I found a half dozen very modern pieces that would suit our home perfectly and I can’t wait to return and see what I can buy.  My living room area is all freshly painted and almost empty so excuse me but I have to go shopping. This place and these ladies saved my sanity and I can’t thank them enough for being so sweet and kind. See you soon Darlene and Terri”

Kindest regards, Dianne A., Kitchener



“About 3 years ago I moved to a new home. After packing, moving and unpacking, I realized I simply had too much stuff. I decided to sell what I did not want and keep only those items I loved. I began consigning my items with Bits & Pieces after seeing an ad in the newspaper. I was impressed with how quickly items sold and how prompt and professional payment was made to me. I have sold small tables, desks, chairs, a coffee table, a bookshelf, plant stands, outdoor bistro set, wicker furniture, area rugs, garden pots, pictures, collectables and much more. Bits & Pieces is a fun place to sell items and buy. The staff is always friendly and helpful.”

Carrie Smith Kitchener, Ontario


“I buy and sell items through Bits & Pieces; as a matter of fact, I have purchased antiques and had them restored through their affiliate store, The Strippers. I love the variety of styles I can find at Bits & Pieces. The staff is very knowledgeable and price items fairly. I am changing from a French country theme to a late 60’s early 70’s theme and I find it useful to be able to send in items to sell that are no longer my style. I then purchase unique items that suit my new decor. I love the atmosphere of the shop and love browsing the latest items. My advice to you: check them out weekly and if you see something buy it right away because nothing lasts long.”

Tracey Nafekh Waterloo, Ontario


“When mom sold her home to move to a retirement home most of her furniture was distributed to family members with the exception of several chairs. Since they were of excellent quality, selling on consignment was the preferred option to garage sale or donation. I was extremely pleased to see that the true value was recognized and priced accordingly. Any items I wish to sell now are always brought to Bits & Pieces. It’s so much easier than trying to sell on my own. It’s also a great source if I’m looking for something to purchase.”

Renate Gross Kitchener, Ontario