How Consignment Sales Work

Let us take all the worry and hassle out of selling items for you!

Our showroom is designed and effectively merchandised to showcase high-end, second-hand furniture. In addition to our already-expert knowledge and expertise in furniture design, makes, and models, we’re constantly researching the furniture market; this, combined with our pricing system, allows us to accurately provide a reasonable price point for consignment furniture and décor! Who knows – you might have a piece that is worth more than you think!

At Bits & Pieces Furniture & Décor, we know that your home is your safe place, and we want to take away the stress of turning it into a showroom.

In today’s ever-changing world of technology, there are numerous opportunities to post your items for sale on the internet. Our primary concerns at Bits & Pieces Furniture & Décor are these – “how do you monitor sales/appointments, how do you achieve an accurate price point, and most importantly, who are you letting into your home?”

By allowing access to strangers interested in purchasing your for-sale items to your home, you have no real way to pre-screen potential buyers, leaving you vulnerable and at risk. Although online ads are convenient, it can be extremely inconvenient when attempting to coordinate appointments.

That where “Bits & Pieces Furniture & Décor” gives you peace of mind!

How Consignment Sales Work

Consignment selling is a very easy process and we make it even easier for you! In order to avoid confusion, we kindly ask, that once items have been placed with us for consignment, that you do not place any other form of online advertising or removal of your items.

Here’s how it works!

  1. Take a photograph of the furniture and/or décor items you would like to sell.
  2. Simply send an email with your photos and measurements as attachments to
  3. Once your items have been approved for sale at “Bits & Pieces Furniture & Décor” simply give us a call at (519) 742-4033 to schedule an appointment with us to review the items at our back door. NOTE: If you have larger items that you require assistance to move, we can provide the names and numbers of reputable delivery companies to help you move the items to the store!
  4. Once your items have been dropped off and confirmed, we’ll fill out the necessary paperwork to set you up with our online vendor system to enable you to monitor your items and know when they are sold!
  5. After that, your job is done! We take care of the pricing, the display, and selling of your items.
  6. YOUR CHEQUE IS READY! We issue cheques for items sold in the following month! You can monitor this process and the progress online, with your vendor account!