A Risk Free Buying Experience!

A Risk Free Buying  Experience

As unique as the pieces we carry, “Bits & Pieces Furniture & Décor” offers a true “risk-free” buying experience with a 24-hour trial option!

Check this out!

  • Take the item home! Take it home, try it out (for 24 hours) and if you’re not completely satisfied, bring it back!
  • For larger items such as sofas – take home a cushion to see if the colour will work with yours!
  • Not sure if the dining table and chairs you are looking at would look right with the pieces you have? Take home a chair and see for yourself!
  • Want to add more dresser storage or a night stand with your current furnishings? Take home a drawer to check the colour and style!
  • Artwork! Take it home, hang it up, and see if it meets your vision! Observe the different colour tones during different lighting contrast night and day! We want you to love your treasure!

It’s all thanks to our trustworthy customers that we’re offering such a convenient
option for shopping. You’ll be hard-pressed to find this anywhere else!