Heirloom Chests

Wolfle Chair Company Ltd. – Chesley Chair Company Ltd. – Heirloom of Canada Ltd.

Heirloom of Canada had its beginnings in October 1909 in the form of the Wolfle Chair Company Limited.  The Provisional Directors were:  Levi Wolfle, Conrad Krug, Henry Ankenman, John Krug, William Krug, christian Krug and George Krug.

The factory was completed in the fall of 1909 and furniture manufacturing operations commenced.

By March of 1910 it was apparent that the young company was experiencing some financial difficulty and a re-organization became necessary.  Additional new stock was sold and the name changed in May 1910 to the Chesley Chair Company Limited.  M.E. Boos and Louis Asmus became shareholders at the time and played a prominent part in the early development of the company.

In February 1914, W.G. Krug and Ankenman purchased the interest of Conrad Krug.  during the war years the plant was kept busy on government orders and large quantities of munitions cases were manufactured.